Sunday, July 25, 2004
24 July 2004 - Bashful Bull Diner, San Francisco

"Now, you need to pick your numbers. You pick your lucky numbers, do you hear me? I have four dollars lucky money. You pick your numbers. I have four dollars lucky money and I’ll win the lottery and buy you a Payless Shoe store and you’ll have all the shoes you want.

Now I’m on my way to the airport. Don’t come to me looking like a homeless woman. Make yourself beautiful for me, Binky. Don’t wear sweats, you put on your Levis and look beautiful for me.

I have a big pistola… I have a big pisTOLa…   …    pistola…


I have a big pistol. It’s between my legs. Did you hear what I said? What did I say?"

- 40-something Asian man speaking on his mobile phone

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