Tuesday, September 17, 2002
I CRIED on 9/11
It began innocently enough. My Boy and I took a trip to the video store with plans to rent some DVDs. The idea was to find something ELSE to watch on 9/11. We rented three DVDs, 2 of which not really worth mentioning: Ocean's Eleven (the new version, which was good) and Sense and Senibility (which I really did love - So witty in that dry, Jane Austeny way, and of course wonderfully scripted)...

But the 3rd DVD - now that's the one I'm talkin' about - mainly because, if you're like me, it's the DVD that you've seen on the shelf many times and never once considered renting. It looks absolutely stupid - and not even in a good way. But my Boy brought it over to me and said, "What about this?"

I looked down at the box, recognizing it right away, somewhat baffled and unsure if he was really serious about renting it. Wet, Hot, American Summer... I conceded. Sure. Why not. I'll try to sit through it. So we got it.

And let me tell you - I cried on 9/11. Both of us did. Wiping away the tears of hysterical laughter courtesy of Wet, Hot, American Summer.

We popped the DVD in the PS2 and went directly to "Special Audio Features" - where we were tickled to find a special audio soundtrack with Extra Fart Sounds - we turned it ON and played the movie. I recommend utilizing this feature, as the added farts did not detract from the film at all. Rather, they added an extra layer of silliness and tastelessness that at times was just the thing you needed to feel comfortable laughing...

(for example, one might have felt a little uneasy laughing at a lifeguard throwing a young boy out of a moving van after he threatens to report the drowning death of his swimming buddy while the lifeguard was making out with a voluptuous camp counselor... but the fart sound the boy's body makes as he slams into the dirt and rolls into the roots of a tree confirm that, yes, it's hilarious - you may laugh! And heck, laugh that beer right through your nose, while you're at it!)

So, go buy a bunch of beer - invite some friends over - and watch Wet, Hot American Summer. (Yeah, the beer's a good idea too... )

The Official Web Site!!

Read about the flick on Rotten Tomatoes - but don't take their word for it - this movie ROCKS!

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
My sister, The 4-wheeler, is quite a talker. You just can't get her to shut up sometimes!

A few months ago, she moved from Omaha to Utica, Nebraska, to live in a skilled-care facility there. I was concerned about her moving to such a small town. Concerned that there would be fewer opportunities for her there. Concerned that there would be fewer programs and services for a person in a wheelchair. Concerned that she would be bored, miserable, and lonely.

But as it turns out, she snagged herself a boyfriend!

Well, I was talking with her today on IM, and she brought him up. So I asked about him. Big mistake. I just could not get her to stop talking about him!

Our conversation:

Me (12:32:24 PM): Anything interesting happen recently?

4Wheeler (12:33:03 PM): got a boy friend Jim 36

Me (12:33:46 PM): Yeah you told me a bit about him when we talked on the phone. So is he keeping you busy?

4Wheeler (12:34:15 PM): nope

Me (12:34:45 PM): Are you keeping him busy?

4Wheeler (12:34:57 PM): yep

Me (12:35:08 PM): How do you keep him busy?

4Wheeler (12:35:51 PM): running around doing things for me

Me (12:36:11 PM): Oh so he lets you boss him around?

4Wheeler (12:36:27 PM): yep

Me (12:36:39 PM): And what do you do for him?
Me (12:36:44 PM): Give him foot rubs?

4Wheeler (12:36:56 PM): no
4Wheeler (12:37:07 PM): yuck

Me (12:37:21 PM): Wash his back?
Me (12:37:43 PM): Write him love poems?

4Wheeler (12:38:07 PM): be nice to him

Me (12:38:25 PM): Do you bake him pies?

4Wheeler (12:38:49 PM): no

Me (12:39:52 PM): What's the most interesting thing you've learned about him?

4Wheeler (12:41:32 PM): he likes to go to the games

Me (12:41:40 PM): what games?

4Wheeler (12:42:18 PM): NU

Me (12:42:27 PM): Where did he grow up?

4Wheeler (12:43:22 PM): Omaha i think at least thats where his parents live

Me (12:43:36 PM): Does he have any brothers or sisters?

4Wheeler (12:44:39 PM): yes but i don't know how many

Me (12:45:10 PM): Does he have any hobbies?

4Wheeler (12:45:40 PM): nope

Me (12:45:49 PM): What do you like about him?

4Wheeler (12:46:10 PM): he's nice

Me (12:55:09 PM): is that all?

4Wheeler (12:55:38 PM): yep

Me (12:55:53 PM): is he cute?

4Wheeler (12:56:15 PM): kind of

Me (12:56:24 PM): what does he look like?

4Wheeler (12:58:31 PM): Dark hair in a Wheel Chair

Me (12:58:48 PM): Just a bunch of dark hair in a wheelchair?

4Wheeler (1:00:49 PM): got to go for a min

Me (1:00:54 PM): ok

4Wheeler signed off at 1:12:46 PM.

You see what I mean...

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Matt Your Such A big Fat Lyer I Did not have no convertation with about a boy Jill
Ummmm YES YOU DID. I copied that conversation directly from our chat window... I didn't make it up. Hahaha!
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